Serafina Wine List


Serafina is happy to provide corkage and decanting for $25 per 750ml bottle. We respectfully request that the bottle you bring not be on our list. Grazie.

The peninsula of Italy extends from the Swiss Alps to northern Africa, hosting multiple microclimates and twenty major growing regions including the well-known areas of Tuscany and Piemonte. Serafina strives to represent all of these wine-producing regions of Italy from Vallé D’Aosta to Sardegna in their finest expressions. We strive to have an affordable list so our guests can enjoy fine wine paired with our delicious cuisine in true Italian fashion.
Serafina Seattle Wine List


Consider augmenting or starting your collection with a membership to one of our wine clubs! “Sal’s Picks” is an affordable source of quality wines from around the world, and “Upper Tier Sal’s Picks” is a higher level program that features elevated, unique wine as well.  Serafina and Cicchetti’s wine director, Salomon Navarro, joyfully and passionately taste hundreds of bottles each month to find the best selections for members.

Sal’s Picks participants receive two bottles of hand selected and typically rare wines for just $35 per month, including personalized tasting notes. The second tier wine club is $65 per month, for two bottles and tasting notes as well. Next time you are at either Serafina or Cicchetti, ask for Sal and sign up or send us an email.